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Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

I was immediately captured by the cover of this book, and my interest in the book led me to the Strange Chemistry website.  Strange Chemistry is a new imprint of Angry Robot, and they've compiled some pretty fantastic lists of recommended fantasy and science fiction.  The lists make me feel like they're positioning themselves on the geeky side of YA fantasy and sci-fi.  And that's a really good thing.  That's where Joss Whedon likes to hang out, right?  While paranormal romance and dystopia have somehow moved into the mainstream, there are still a lot of teens out there who like the kinda uncool stuff, like cosplay and elves.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I knew I could predict the future!

Perfect Chemistry won the RITA in the YA category, just as I predicted! I still haven't read it, because it's chronically on hold. So technically, the prediction was based on nothing. Well, it was based on the book's popularity. (Memo to RI librarians: there are 12 holds on only 10 copies!) But I'm still taking credit.

I did read three of the other nominations and ended up buying all of them for the library, despite their boring, grown-up covers. Seriously, do these look like teen books?

No. OK, maybe the middle one does. But the one on the left screams "Where's my poodle skirt? I want to go to the sock hop!"

Anyway, short reviews after the jump.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Romance Novels are Seriously Complicated

Among the many things I didn't learn in graduate school, the intricacies of genre fiction is one I regret the least, because I enjoy teaching myself. (Perhaps there were classes on this, and I didn't take them because I was busy taking Multicultural Literature for Children and Teens. But I don't recall classes on selecting adult fiction.)

Anyway, we don't really collect romance novels at my library. But we've been branching into the genres lately (mostly urban fiction), so I was thinking maybe we should consider a romance novel collection--particularly because some of our English language learners ask for them. Well, and also, because I learned a lot of technical stuff about sex by reading them in my own public library as a teen. See how I just related that to YA services? Which is my actual job?

When haters talk about romance novels, they say the same thing haters say about rap: it all sounds the same. Haters think it's hilarious that there are very specific guidelines for writing romance novels; haters also think this means they're all the same. I kind of thought this too, until I read a blog post about werewolf sex.