Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Inspiration

I'm used to people approving of my name. Whenever I have to say it for someone who is going to write it down or look it up, they say something like, "That's an easy one." I think this is why, when we are ordering pizza and the cashier says, "Name please," my boyfriend looks at me and says, "Emily."

This was particularly true when I studied abroad in England. Not only were people thrilled by how easy my name was to spell, but they often said that it was, "a good English name." (Although sometimes they said it suspiciously. Like I was secretly English.) This, perhaps, explains why Cressida Crowell chose the name for her book, That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown!

If you have not read this book, please do. It is fantastic. I will say no more. And I know the author is English, because the sequel is available in England but not in America. At least not through Baker and Taylor. This will not stop me for long. But I digress.

Cressida Crowell's book is the inspiration behind the name of my blog. Cheers, Cressida. And welcome, world, to my third attempt to blog regularly. Ha!

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