Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teen Space Distractions: Modern Furniture for Children

My library is full of these chairs.

Before I started researching furniture, I had no idea that these were examples of the Eames chair, a modern style of chair with a certain cachet. Of course, our chairs are badly scratched up, and I have never found them all that comfortable. You can't sit on the edge of them. It defies physics. You have to slide all the way into their contours.

Anyway, now I know that, along with Saarinen tulip tables
and Panton S chairs,these Eames chairs are iconic examples of modern furniture. And I'm starting to understand that the other teen furniture I so recently naysayed, like the mutant hand chair, are also examples of modern furniture, so clearly that's an aesthetic associated with young people.

So I thought I was making progress in choosing furniture for the teen area, because I had some of the vocab of furniture styles down, and then I got completely distracted because do you have any idea how many furniture sites for little hipster kids exist on the world wide web? Look at this!

I want to hate, but I find the micro-modern furniture adorable. Thank goodness my brother doesn't read my blog. He would definitely give me a speech about this. (But it's not for me. It's for the children!)

Anyway, I am redesigning the teen area, not the children's area. But if anyone out there is doing a DIY redesign of their kids area and doesn't want to spend lots of money on the boring furniture in library supply catalogs, I suggest window shopping at Spacify kids furniture, Plushpod, Offi, Kids Modern, and Modern Seed. And then eyeballing the knockoffs at Target.

What? All our computer chairs are from Target. Although I fear we may live to regret that one.

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