Friday, January 21, 2011

Sorry--I've been transitioning

I have a new job! Which is why I've been useless at posting to this blog. I'm now an elementary school librarian, which means I have a captive audience of over 500 kids a week! It also means I have to be more of a censor and rule-enforcer and teacher. Also I no longer work with teens. But I have snow days! Like today! So here I am again, with a whole new set of challenges and hopefully a more focused range of topics to explore on this blog.


  1. Hi Emily! I've been trying to track you down - and just hit on this blog and references to you on the Providence Community Library website. Ever since you created those 2 versions of news stories "covering" our conference as part of your internship at Project Look Sharp, we've been using them in our courses and workshops. I'd now like to include them in a book I'm writing for teachers about media literacy - so can you e-mail me so we can talk? So great to read what you've been doing! Cyndy Scheibe,

  2. Emily Freaking Brown. You may find this strange, but there's an easy explanation. Recently succumbed to Facebook. Got friended by a few old IC pals, including Joe Geraghty and Liz Crowley Pontillo (the Pontillo is a nice touch, no?). Made me think of the good ole days. Sean Fennessey. Emily Brown. And so now I'm here.

    Hope things are well in your life. If you ever get back to Ithaca, look me up.