Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teen Furniture: Fewer Distractions

Now that I've got all the children's furniture out of my system, I've found a few teen furniture sites with products that make me really happy. First of all, 2Modern has the most comprehensive teen section, and it was there that I discovered Fatboy products.

See, I had already narrowed down the kind of furniture I was looking for to benches, like in museums and shoe stores. I think I sang the praises of benches earlier. And Fatboy has these modular bench-things that I love.That really doesn't give the full effect. You can see an example of a bunch of them next to each other on 2modern. They're one of the more expensive options I'm considering, but they're modular.*Fatboy also makes round lounge cushions and bean bag chairs that some library magazine should pick up and sell as teen furniture. Seriously cool.

The next site that I recommend is Funky Lights, which has a much cheesier design, but some reasonably priced modern furniture that I haven't seen anywhere else. They have both "teen" and "dorm room" sections, but I like some of the furniture in other sections, too, like these chairs from the, er, "furniture" section. Did I mention that the site also has stupid navigation?

I think they would appeal to teens at the same time as they repelled adults, because they require a more relaxed pose than most adults feel comfortable in. And they stack!

And last but not least, Funky Sofas doesn't have a teen section, but it does have a lot of ottomans. Funky ones.

My only word of caution is that some of them are awfully velvety. And besides wanting to avoid the bordello/beaudoir look, I fear the material would soil or rip easily. But in many cases, you can select a microfiber instead for a little extra money.

I also like AllModern, but they make me sad because they don't have a teen section. Plus, they're a little pricier. But there is one thing I'm considering from their bench and ottoman section: the Heller Frank Ghery Silver Bench. It's pictured below as a coffee table (the picture is actually from Room and Board). It might be a little tall?

I'll mention three other sites I used for window shopping purposes only, because they were out of my price range, for the most part, and didn't have teen sections: Architonic, Hive, and Yliving.

Spending all of this time online shopping feels sort of wrong. I keep reminding myself that it's for work, but it feels so much like ... shopping.

*Apparently, italics are the new exclamation points.


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